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Saving the Internet from Project Zorgo

Welcome to the official Spy Ninjas store, home of products for all Ninja fans! Our dedicated store features all five team collections: Chad, Vy, Daniel, Melvin and Regina. Plus a special collection for Project Zorgo!!

Which Spy Ninja are you most drawn to? Explore the Ninja store to discover what each team member has to offer...and if you're a Super Fan, you're sure to find those exclusive gifts right here.

Check out our Kick Bump range, including beanies, scarves and even more!

Why not take the Spy Ninjas with you with our official figures including Vy and Chad?

Don't forget to watch out for our items coming soon, like the New Recruit Mission Kit, Transforming Stealth Stick, Project Zorgo Voice Morpher and Spy Ninjas Gizmo Drone! You can stay in the know and be the first to get the Spy Ninjas news by signing up to our emails and newsletters.

Our Weapons of Choice range includes cool t-shirts, hoodies, bandanas, backpacks and even a super cosy bathrobe!

Pick a side with out Team Colours collection and become your favourite Spy Ninja character! Will you choose Chad, Vy, Daniel, Regina or Melvin? Whichever side you pick, go all-out and represent your team as much as possible! Play with your friends and switch it up by swapping colours and guessing who's the snake in the grass, Project Zorgo!

Catch yourself a bargain with our special offers - your bundle includes stamps, a sticker sheet and pins and patches to mark your stuff with all things Spy Ninja!
Did you know, you can even get Spy Ninja hand sanitiser? It's never been easier to zap those germs like they're Zorgo and win against the bad guys...

Don't forget the Ultimate Spy Ninja Guidebook, where you can learn from the best how to be the greatest Ninja there ever was!
Take a look around and see must-have Ninja merch you'll pick.

So, make yourself at home - we're so glad you've found us!

See you later, Spy Ninjas!