Spy Ninjas The Ultimate Guide Book

We have created you The Ultimate Guidebook to becoming a Spy Ninja. Everything you need to know about The Spy Ninjas is inside this book, I KNOW, CRAZY RIGHT?

In this exclusive guidebook based on the hit YouTube show, the Spy Ninjas are on a mission to end the evil shadow network once and for all!
The secret has been revealed! The Spy Ninjas are back on the case. With insider instructions on how to become the greatest spy ninja, as well as behind-the-scenes profiles of your favourite characters and villains, this book is jam-packed with information on how to become the ultimate Spy Ninja. 

144 back-to-back pages featuring Spy Ninjas Tips and Tricks, all for only 12.99!! What a read!

Paperback:144 pages
Reading Age:6-8 years
Grade Level:1-3

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