Become a Spy Ninja member with the New Spy Ninjas Active Pack!
The Ultimate Spy Ninja gear! Active Pack includes: Fanny Pack / Chest Bag, Headband and Sweatband. In a vibrant red, Chad WildClay’s favourite colour, the active pack provides both practicality and style. Additionally, the active pack features a subtle multi ninja star design- a favourite of your Spy Ninjas and a must have for any Spy Ninjas member. The active pack is ideal for anyone considering themselves to be a true Spy Ninja who is always up, about and in need of something to help them along the way. A fanny pack/ chest bag is amazing for day to day use as it’s super convenient for all of the Spy Ninjas that are on the go. Small and lightweight, the fanny pack is the way that all Spy Ninjas should be keeping hold of their valuables. Alongside the fanny pack/chest bag, the headband and sweatband manage to ensure that you are kept cool and clean. This means that whatever you are doing, whether you are on a mission, at school or doing some sport, the headband and sweatband will be used by you. The super soft texture of our sweatbands means that you will definitely be comfortable, and of course cool, regardless of the activity! When used together, this stylish trio makes for the best team. Just like Chad, Vy, Melvin, Regina and Daniel are stronger together as a powerful Spy Ninjas team, the fanny pack/ chest bag, headband and sweatbands also work together. This means that individually they can make the lives of all Spy Ninja members that little bit easier yet together they form an unbeatable team to help Spy Ninja members around the world every day.

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