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Daniel Special Bundle Offer

Get yourself the Daniel Special Bundle Offer that the Spy Ninjas have created just for you at 50% off.

It's full of Daniel's favourite things!

Worth: $49.50 (Retail) - Special Price: $24.75

This includes:

  Blue Drawstring Tote Bag
  Spy Ninjas Stamp
  x2 Spy Ninjas Patches
  Spy Ninjas Pin Badge
 Tattoo Sheet
  And last but not least a Spy Ninjas Bandana to keep your head warm

The blue drawstring bag has become a staple for Daniel as he can carry all of his tech and gear easily whenever he has a mission! The vibrant blue is an added bonus for him. Daniel also enjoys sporting the Spy Ninjas stamps, patches, pins, tattoos and bandanas wherever he goes and finds it is the perfect way to show your loyalty as a skilled member of the Spy Ninjas team.

Item ID's
SN446ADB365 (Blue)

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