Decoys & Diversions Mission Kit

Get ready to distract and deflect Project Zorgo‚ Hackers with this Decoys & Diversions Mission Kit!

SKU: 41208

The kit includes a carrycase containing a Remote Control Decoy Device Housing Unit, Remote Control Decoy Disk, Ninja Sticky Stars, two Activity Books, Certificate of Achievement, and Spy Ninjas ID Card!

  • EVERY SPY NEEDS A REMOTE CONTROL DECOY DEVICE: The Device‚ main housing unit has 12+ sounds and Spy Ninjas phrases built into it!

  • DECOY DISC DIVERSION: Remove the Decoy Disc from the Remote Control and hide it in an enemy location. Then activate the Remote Control‚ sounds and phrases to freak out the Hackers!

  • THE SPY NINJAS ARE ALWAYS HERE TO HELP: If you have any concerns about our gadgets, please reach out to customer service at Playmates Toys for help.

  • Spy Ninjas 11-Piece Decoys & Diversions Mission Kit by Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint: Remote Control Decoy Device with Lights and Sounds