For Chad Wild Clay’s biggest fans:

What’s up Spy Ninjas! We are back with the perfect kit for anyone that thinks of themselves as Chad Wild Clay’s number one fan. It is super important that you wear this with so much pride as there is nothing quite as special as being a Spy Ninja.

Take a look at this new and super cool t-shirt. The black t-shirt shows Chad’s initials across it in a bright red. It is the perfect way to show your dedication to Chad. The super soft cotton top also comes with the same design in a long sleeve top or a hoodie, which is absolutely perfect for the colder winter months coming up! 

They could also make a great gift for any Chad Wild Clay superfan this holiday season.

Any super fan will know that one of Chad’s nicknames is the Weapons Expert! Check out the weapons of choice collection. The warm socks will not only keep you cozy this winter but also display all of Chad’s favourite weapons across them. There are also water bottles and backpacks which can be used at school everyday!

Finally, any Spy Ninja that loves Chad Wild Clay must have a sweatband. When you’re active like a Spy Ninja, this is sure to come in handy as you defend against evil hackers like Project Zorgo. These black sweatbands have Chad’s initials in his signature colour, across the top of them!

There you have it, Spy Ninjas, the perfect kit for all Chad Wild Clay fans!