Ninja Fans, Get Festive!!

Holiday greetings, Ninjas! We are so excited to be able to share the perfect gift for all the fandom. 

We wanted every Spy Ninja to have a magical Christmas with lots of holiday cheer. This is why we made the Ultimate Guide Book and Christmas card combo! This super-cool duo is guaranteed to bring fun, surprises and a big smile to all Spy Ninjas. The Christmas card is the real epic reveal- the Ultimate Guide Book for 2022.

This way you can be one of the very first Spy Ninjas to get one! The book will tell you everything you ever need to know about being a Spy Ninja and how to be the best one ever...

Find out Spy Ninjas best-kept secrets, including tricks with different gadgets, stories and top-secret information about who the mysterious hacker could be!

Sound cool? Be sure to check out the bundles that the Spy Ninjas have put together of all their favourite things. Available in Chad, Vy, Daniel, Regina and Melvin’s signature colours, the bundle includes a drawstring bag for all of your gadgets and materials to be easily carried around!

What's more, the bundles have a self inking stamp so you can mark yourself as a loyal Spy Ninja. Take this a step further with patches, tattoo sheets and pin badges - Spy Ninjas represent!!

Finally, the bundle has a bandana with the Spy Ninjas logo on the front. Not only that, but it features all your favourite tech across it. Stay warm and ready for any mission this Christmas and all year round too!

Merry Christmas and a Stealthy New Year!


Ninjas - Out x