Dressing up warm with Spy Ninjas

Hi Spy Ninjas! We hope you are all keeping nice and warm as we get closer to the holidays. We are so excited for the holidays as this means we can get nice and cozy, spend time with eachother and eat yummy food. 

We know it gets very cold during this time of year so have a few things that may come in handy so that you can stay warm this holiday season. This will make sure you are always ready to go and be on a mission too. 

Firstly, you should check out our super cool Spy Ninjas Christmas sweaters! These are the first of their kinds, making them super unique. They come in two different colours, black and red (Chad Wildclay’s favourite colour). Each jumper has pictures of your favourite gadgets and weapons on the front and the Spy Ninjas logo, of course. The sweaters will definitely be keeping us warm during the holidays, will they be keeping you warm too Spy Ninjas?

When you're out and about during the holidays you must be making sure that you keep your feet nice and warm. What better way to do this than with Spy Ninjas socks? Just like the sweaters, the socks come in red with the best Spy Ninjas weapons across them and are very soft!

Finally, just like it's important to keep your feet warm, you have to make sure you are keeping your hands warm too. This is very important as a Spy Ninja in case you need to use any of your gadgets or go on a mission! We have red fingerless gloves that will match your sweater and socks perfectly. Melvin especially loves to wear these and you can see him wearing them on our Spy Ninjas website below.

We hope you have the most magical holiday season Spy Ninjas and that our guide can help you to stay nice and toasty throughout the winter months!