Bedtime with Spy Ninjas

Hey Spy Ninjas!

Now that everyone is back at school, it’s even more important that you guys are all getting a great night sleep. This is super important for any Spy Ninja and will guarantee that you are awake and ready to defend against all evil. We are so close to defeating the hackers from Project Zorgo too, so getting rest and being prepared for the day is important now more than ever.

To help make sure you are relaxing and getting some sleep, we’ve come up with a list of the most useful things to make sure all members of the Spy Ninja team get the rest they need! Firstly, some cosy pyjamas will make sure you are warm and comfy. Chad Wildclay loves these one’s especially because they are in his favourite colour, red! The weapon print and the Spy Ninjas logo on the front are perfect for any member of the Spy Ninjas whose serious about putting an end to Project Zorgo.

It is super important that when you are up in the morning, you are ready to defeat any evil hackers that come your way. This is why we keep all of our Spy Ninja weapons and clues safe in our active packs. That way, when we wake up, we are ready to go and don’t need to waste any time at all on preparing. Instead, we have the whole day to be a great Spy Ninja! 

Finally, Vy’s favourite way to relax before bed is wearing a soft and warm bath robe. This also has the weapon print which shows off Chad, Vy, Daniel, Regina and Melvin’s favourite gadgets. Is your favourite gadget on there too, Spy Ninja?  Spy Ninjas, the most important thing is to make sure you are comfy, cosy and warm, ready for a day of fighting off evil - we can’t do it without you!