Spy Ninja History Part 2

May 26th, 2019: Regina’s Face Reveal

Since Regina’s face was injured in the mask explosion, she wraps her face in bandages and the Spy Ninjas do achallenge to slowly reveal Regina’s face. Regina burns her old Project Zorgo clothes and puts on a Spy Ninja hoodie. She is officially a Spy Ninja. 

June 2nd, 2019: Justin Is PZ9?

In order to find out what big event Project Zorgo is planning, Danielpretends to rejoin Project Zorgo. While he’s undercover, he learns that Project Zorgocan’t accomplish their big hacking event without PZ9. Unfortunately for Project Zorgo, PZ9 has gone missing for months! The Spy Ninjas have a theory that PZ9 could be Chad’s old friend Justin! PZ9 has a beard, and has excellent bostaff skills just like Justin! They need to find PZ9 before Project Zorgo does.Daniel stumbles upon PZ9 in the cursed spirit tunnels. He is extra evil and has a brand new scary look. 

The Spy Ninjasfollow PZ9 to find clues to see if he is actually their best friend, Justin. In the process, they finally decode the secret language on the wooden sticks they found weeks ago. It translates toJuly 10th Vidcon, Anaheim California.It is then the Spy Ninjas realize the huge event Project Zorgo is planning is to hack the hundreds of YouTubers that will be attending Vidcon, with PZ9 leading the mission.

July 5th, 2019: Vidcon Hacked

After months of being an undercover Project Zorgo member,Daniel is caught by PZ9. Now that the Spy Ninja’s plans are ruined, PZ9 and the Zorgo memberssuccessfully hack Vidcon. 3 Spy Ninja videos in a row are completely ruined, withstatic and glitches throughout. The Spy Ninjas eventually temporarily regain control of their channels bystealing emergency shutdown buttons from the Project Zorgo members. Thankfully for the Spy Ninjas, PZ9 became selfish and abandoned his fellow Project Zorgo members during the mission.He stole the “YouTube Source Code” for himself so he can be the one who has all the glory of shutting YouTube down forever. They see PZ9 walk into a Burger King, and moments later, Justin walks out! The Spy Ninjas are convinced PZ9 is actually their friend Justin.

July 20th, 2019: Confronting Justin

The Project Zorgo members and PZ9 are not getting along after PZ9 betrayed them.The hackers battle PZ9, taze him, and take his mask and Project Zorgo clothes. The Spy Ninjas assume PZ9 is now in plain clothes, and they stumble across their friend Justin in plain clothes beating up Project Zorgo members. They are totally convinced Justin is PZ9. Chad gets captured and is handcuffed to a fence.He’s about to meet his demise as Justin and a hacker approach Chad with weapons. Suddenly Justin takes out the hacker and rescues Chad. Justin proves that he is not PZ9 during alie detector test. After some clue solving, the Spy Ninjas reveal PZ9’strue name is Melvin

August 22nd, 2019: Vy’s Big Secret

PZ9 reveals thatVy has a huge secret she’s hiding from the Spy Ninjas. The Spy Ninjas compete inmultiple challenges in order to convince PZ9 to tell the secret. Regina and Vy get into ahuge fight over Vy’s secret controversy.The Spy Ninjas stalk Vy to hopefully find out for themselves what secret she is hiding. They discover that Vy has secretly been a Project Zorgo hacker for 6 months and never told anybody. After a lie detector test, Vy lies and breaks one of the main Spy Ninja tenants, Honesty.Vy is forced to leave the Spy Ninjas.

September 1, 2019: The Red Safe

Eventually Vy reveals she went undercover as a Project Zorgo member to trick them into giving her atop secret item, a red safe. What’s inside the safe will defeat Project Zorgo forever. The Spy Ninjas fail to open the safe for months.

September 27th 2019: Memory Erasing

Project Zorgo captures PZ9 anderases his memory of the past year for revenge after he betrayed them at Vidcon. PZ9 is now a member of Project Zorgo again. The Spy Ninjas then discover thatDaniel had his memory erased when he joined Project Zorgo.He doesn’t remember his mom, his old pet dog, or the fact he played music on his YouTube channel.

Regina finally allows the Spy Ninjas toenter her secret room. To the Spy Ninja’s surprise it appears to be a normal room.

It’s also revealed that Reginahad her memory erased when she joined Project Zorgo and she doesn’t know her family either! Eventually she learns that PZ9 is her brother!

December 4th 2019: PZ9 is our Friend?

PZ9 starts to become friendly. The Spy Ninjas start to consider welcoming PZ9 to the Spy Ninjas. Weeks later, PZ9 then shows his true colors, and reveals he wastricking the Spy Ninjas the whole time in order to steal Chad’s 10,000,000 Subscriber YouTube play button. Eventually PZ9 begins to feel guilty. He bonds with Daniel over having their memories erased. He bonds with his sister Regina.He apologizes.It takes awhile but finally the Spy Ninjas decide that PZ9 can be their friend if he does a face reveal.PZ9 agrees and reveals his face with a fun challenge. After alie detector test, they make PZ9 an official Spy Ninja and decide to call him by his real name, Melvin. 

January 10th: Mr E & The Spy Ninja’s Families

The Spy Ninjas receive amysterious phone call from someone named “Mr E”. Although the Spy Ninjas have no idea who he is, they follow his clues which take them on adventures to find their families. Daniel takes a plane to New York City torescue his dog Douglas from the hackers, but while he’s not looking,a mysterious girl captures Douglas. Regina goes to California andspots her mom on a balcony before she’s captured by hackers, andMelvin goes to the Philippines and discovers his grandfather is dead! 

January 23th, 2020: The Secret Hatch

Months are Regina’s anti-climatic Secret Room reveal, Melvinbumps his head on something metal that’s hidden under a table cloth. When Melvin lifts up the table cloth, he discovers a secret hatch! After months of trying to figure out the mystery of the hatch, it is finally revealed that a girl namedPerlita has been living under the safe house for years!