Back to school with Spy Ninjas

Hi Spy Ninjas! Just like with any mission, it is super important to be prepared and school is no exception. You need to make sure you return with all of the right stuff, just like how you need gadgets for a mission. 

A backpack is a must-have for school. You need to make sure you have a sturdy, cool and reliable backpack that you can keep all of your stuff inside. The weapons of choice backpack has a hidden compartment for any top secret documents or homework you need to look after and it is even glow in the dark! The backpack is so stretchy that you will be able to look after all of your things for school whilst also being able to hold all of your Spy Ninjas clothing and gadgets too. It comes in red, Chad Wild Clay’s favourite colour, so you can be just as cool and clever as he is. 

For school, it is also crucial that you have a water bottle. You need to make sure you are keeping hydrated throughout the day so that you are prepared for your classes but also any missions. The most important thing is to always be prepared! The Spy Ninjas active water bottle has symbols so that you can keep track of how much water you’ve been drinking.The symbols show all of the cool technology and gadgets that Spy Ninjas use for important missions like defeating evil Project Zorgo hackers. 

The final item that will make sure you are ready to return to school is a keyring to put on your backpack. Not only will this be super cool but also will help make sure you are prepared for anything! For example, you could get a hand sanitiser with a carabiner for your backpack to make sure you can always stay clean and healthy. There are even laser light keyrings that would be amazing for a Spy Ninja to have so that they are prepared, even if the power cuts out, for example.

This way, Spy Ninjas, you can have the best time at school, equipped with all of the right gadgets!