Summer fun with Spy Ninjas

What’s up Spy Ninjas! This summer we need your help to make sure we defeat Project Zorgo once and for all. We have created a Project Zorgo Infiltration Kit so that you are ready to help us take down the evil hackers this summer. 


You will need to be able to disguise yourself well around the hackers using different gadgets and technology. Firstly, you will be given a Project Zorgo Mask and an ID card so that you will fit right in. Also, a Project Zorgo Voice Morpher which is super important for you to be able to talk and act exactly like a hacker. 

A really important part of being a Spy Ninja is being able to break coded messages which is why for this mission, you will have a decoder wheel, an activity book on codebreaking and a decoder card. You will be able to write all of the evidence you gather down in your Project Zorgo Notebook along with Project Zorgo pencils. Codebreaking is an essential part of this mission, Spy Ninjas, we are so happy to have you on the team!

The final two items that you will receive in your Infiltration Kit are an Evidence Detection Guide Activity Book and a Project Zorgo Certificate of Achievement. This Evidence Detection book is important so that you can keep track of all that you find out throughout your mission. At the end of your mission you will then be rewarded with a Certificate of Achievement for your role in helping the Spy Ninjas!

You can check out our cool gear too so that you will think, look and act exactly like the Spy Ninja that you are. 


We cannot wait to take down Project Zorgo with you this summer, Spy Ninjas!